About Me

A Late Start


I began my acting career at around 39 years old working as an extra in many local TV and Movie productions.   I enjoyed working on the set and got the "bug" very early on.   I have always enjoyed pretending to be someone else and the joy of entertaining someone whether it be laughing, crying, or screaming.  After several years, I decided to start auditioning for student and local indie projects.   My very first audition for a movie that was never made, I received a speaking role.   After that, I went to auditions any chance I could.   I landed a role for a video-game web series called "In the Game:  Modern Combat".   This was a clever little series which we shot on a green screen and later video game backgrounds were inserted.  It was quite an experience and I really enjoyed it.

Behind the Camera


After many years, in several films and TV series, I decided I wanted to take a screenwriting class and write a story that had been in my head since Ghostbusters came out.  A paranormal thriller called "Soulcatcher".  I took a 2 Day Film School by Dov Simens and started the process of gathering crew and cast to shoot my film.   After several months of pre-production, I decided that I would just buy equipment myself and then I wouldn't have to count on anything or anyone to be available when I was, which was weekends.   I bought a DSLR camera, a lighting kit, sound equipment and gathered a crew of fellow actors and others in the entertainment industry.   We began shooting the film for about a year on weekends.  Everything turned out really well and then it was on to post-production.  I had a really good editor take the footage and polish it up.   I am proud to say it is now available on Amazon.

Voice Acting


One of my dreams was to do voice characterizations for animations and video games.   Once again I decided to learn all I could about voice acting.  I took several classes including one in NYC with Edge Studios.  I started submitting to Librivox first and then eventually tried ACX.   I have several titles on both now.   In the video game arena, I have voiced a fan-made mod/movie for Starcraft II.   I really enjoy doing character voices.  As far as animation, I have been lucky to do 3 auditions with Funimation here in Dallas but to no avail.  I continue submitting for ACX titles and doing whatever narration or commercials I can.